INTERNETWACHE CTF 2016 (misc90) Write Up

Hello Every One . Today I would like to talk about a Write Up in (INTERNETWACHE CTF 2016), that me and my friends was Playing as a Team (Hacku) in The last few Days , It was full of fun and cool Tasks, We Enjoyed a lot at IRC freenode.

The CTf was full of Tasks and were in a lot of Categories In :

– Misc
– Web
– Reversing
– Crypto
– Code
– Exploit

In This Article , I would like to share some of my solution of one of the Tasks with My resources that I used, and i spent a couple of Hours to solve it .

Al-thought it’s have 90 Point(with high score), But It’s very simple solution (I know That). At least it could help you or Give You a little Tips in another CTF .

So let’s Go and have a Fun …

The Title of The Task Says : BarParty (misc90)

The Description Says : Can you read the barcodes?

And Have the following Image Attached .

barcode CTF

First , I Thought it’s have Hidden Message , So I made some quickly steps to analyze the Image but found Nothing .
Then i thought to My self (Common it’s Clearly Message says in a challenge way : Can you read the barcodes?) 

So I made a decision To retrieve The BarCode and Opened The Photoshop and Started to cut The Barcode into Pieces .
ctf writeup

I Separated First All Pieces with Pen Tool .

Then in a new Window , i Transformed the pieces and tried to make it into pairs  linked to each other like this . 
internetwache ctf write up
Then I went to to read The Barcode Online and it’s read to me with (IW{Bar), this is the beginning of the Flag So i knew that am in the right Direction .
I returned back to Photoshop and Linked All the pieces Together and this is the final Image i Made .
ctf online solution

Finally , I read all the pieces separately from and got the flag : IW{Bar_B4r_C0d3s}

CTFWrite Up

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